Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Outdoor shoot on 26/5/2010

It was fun that i had a photoshoot at the construction area in Hartamas. i had to do the makeup inside the car, quite tricky tho. The sun is so hot today. The photographers, model and myself start glistening and lots of tissues been 'sacrified' to keep us dry. The model was in a beautiful dresses which designed by local designer and she is very professional. She makes different poses and willing to take risks, climbing up and down to get the best shot. By the way,  a lots of by passer keep checking out what is going on there? We felt like a superstar...:P

After the whole day of photoshoot, we ended up at the coffee shop to feed our stomach. I had a yummy and tasty 'nasi lemak' for dinner.

Looking forward for the pictures to be uploading soon. So everyone, please wait for me to post up my work soon. Hopefully, all the efforts that i've make will give me a nice pictures to share with all of you.

Stay Tuned.....;)


Rachel W

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