Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Makeup Work for Press Release @ Star-Fundraising for NCSM

Objective: Press Release @ The Star for Melbourne Cup 2010 & Fundraising for National Cancer Society Malaysia
Photographer: Amri G
Assisted By: Emil G
Celebrity: Dato' Yasmin Yusuf
Wardrobe Designer: Nila Palacios http://www.nilapalacios.com/
MUA: Rachel W
Location: Double Tree, Hilton KL
Special Thanks to Meem,Vanitha Krishnasamy & Jenni Lander

It was a meaningful & wonderful moment to work with Dato Yasmin Yusuf @ Double Tree, Hilton KL. She is gorgeous and very fun to work with her. Thanks to our amazing photographer Amri G & his assistant Emil G for all the amazing shots. The wardrobe are amazing too, it's all designed by talented designer, Nila Palacios from Venezuela. Not to forget also Jenni Lander , Vanitha K & Meem from NCSM to put all of us together for this awesome experience. Hopefully, Melbourne Cup 2010 will raise alots of fund for NCSM.

Best Wishes,
Rachel W

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