Thursday, December 8, 2011

How To Keep Your Eyelashes Curled All Day

Have this happen to you before? When you have all your makeup done beautifully, put your mascara on and the lashes not stay curled long enough as we wish?That's really annoying right??As you know mascara really helps to compliment the eye shadows. These are the tricks to keep your eyelashes stay curled all day.. Be realistic, I mean keep it curled for all day(much much longer) not 24 hours..ok? :P

Step 1 :  Get a good eyelash curler.. (Mac & Shu uemura make a good one).. It's important to have a good tool.

Step 2 : Use waterproof mascara as it's oil based, normal mascara is water based.(Imagine you want to curl your hair and put water on your hair .. it will goes down straight away)

Step 3 :  Use the curler to clamp it down at the base of the lash and squeeze as tight as you can without harming yourself ; release it slightly,move it up and squeeze again to get a gradual curls

Step 4 : Wiping off the excess mascara on a tissue. Apply a light coat of waterproof mascara, let it dry.

Step 5 : Re-curl your lashes again -slightly wiggle right at the root and brush up to apply your final coat of mascara.

Voila, your eyelashes will keep curled all day long!! *Wink* *Wink*

Rachel W

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