Monday, May 30, 2011

How To Get A Bright, Bold Lips In This Summer

Bright, bold lip colours are in this summer - and here are some tips on how to get them

1.Apply A Light Base

Bright, bold lip colours are in this summer. The secret is to build a ­natural base so the colour stands out and doesn’t look OTT. In the summer you’re going to get hot – you might even sweat or ‘glow’ as we like ­to call it! It can look unsightly. When you’re doing bright summer lips or strong colours for eyes you need to ­keep the rest of your face natural so you don’t look too made-up.

2. Go For Natural Eyes

On the eyebrows we can use natural brow gel. You brush it on as you would a mascara. and it darkens the hairs of the brow rather than drawing on the skin.

The eyeshadow we can use natural taupe or brown colours. Make sure blend it evenly.

Since we’re not going to use any eyeliner, we want to make the eyelashes ­prominent so we used eyelash curlers to give a natural curl then used Black Mascara. Sometimes you find black mascaras are actually dark grey, which can look wishy-washy, so watch out for that!!

3. Conceal Any Blemishes & Dark Circles

Next, on to concealer. Used the right colour concealer and blended it underneath the eyes to cover any dark circles and over any blemishes to hide them.

Then we used Pressed Powder to finish the base off. Only used a light dusting to take away any sheen and to set the foundation so it stays on for the day.

4. Bronze Your Skin- For Natural Summer Glow
Apply Bronzing Powder to the high points of the face, where the sun normally hits you. When most people put a bronzer on they put it under their cheekbones but that’s not the correct place.

You have to apply it wherever you would tan first – the forehead, temples, down the centre of the nose, across the tops of the cheekbones and the chin. On the cheeks, used creamy/ shimmer blusher for a lovely ­summery glow.

5. Finally, The Bright & Bold Lips

For the lips we can used Glossy Lip Pencil for the whole lips. The key to putting this on is if you don’t feel comfortable wearing a bright lipstick, you can still wear it but push it into the lip and blend with your finger.

This is so you achieve a much more muted version of the colour.

Have a bright & colourful summer!!

Rachel W

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