Monday, May 30, 2011

Spring/Summer 2011 Make Up Trends

Here’s a quick look into latest Spring/ Summer 2011  make up trends! And hey, with all these in your hands you’ll be the most fashion forward person at all the parties!

1. Triangle Eyeshadow

We all know how we’re supposed to blend in a darker shade of shadow in the shape of a triangle on the outer corner of our eyes to give a little bit more depth. However, the triangle make up that I am referring to is not the one at the outer corner of our eyes, but instead it’s on inner corner of our eyes.

Using a light shade of shadow on the inner corner of our eyes is the best way to brighten up your eyes.

Or if you’re super daring and super experimentive you can always use a darker shade and do the inner corners to the eyebrows for a bold, graphic look.

2. Bold Lips

I gotta say that this has to be one of my absolute favourite make up trends! I am so in love with bold red lipsticks, bright orange (not that I could ever wear this colour!) as well as lips in hot shocking pink! Totally delicious and totally eyecatching!

The thing about these bright bold lips, is that you don’t wanna make the rest of your face stand out. Instead, you wanna keep the rest of your face totally minimal and just let the lipstick speak for itself! Also, do try to keep your lipstick matte for a very modern and chic look.

If you find that bright bold lips a little too strong for you, but still would like to try it out. The photo above is a very good example of picking the right shade of red lipstick and pairing it with soft blush and light shimmery bronzy eyes.

3. Natural Make Up

This look is great for everyday! It’s really easy to do and really easy to wear as well! It’ll go with basically everything in your closet, and the through out the day touch up is minimal. The thing about natural make up is that you gotta make sure everything looks soft and dewy, and not harsh and powdery.

You know how you always see people who have absolutely gorgeous flawless skin from afar, then when you get closer you realise they got a ton of make up on. With this natural make up trend, we want to leave the skin looking as natural & dewy as possible, and not caked with foundation. After all, nothing can top natural beauty!

4. Bright Pastel Eye Make Up

Last but not least, bright pastel eye make up! Yeap, you heard it right! Soft pastel colours are in for the eyes as well! I know how the bright eye make up and pastel eye make up doesn’t quite gel together, but hey you can always pick a pretty pastel eye colour and then dabbing on a bit more to give it that bright, bold look. Simply fabulous!

Orange, green, blue, pink, yellow basically all these bright colours are the in thing for Spring/Summer 2011! And can I just say I am loving it already! Everyone says that your eyes are the windows to your soul, and well, if you can decorate your windows so they look pretty and stand out, you can do the very well same with your eyes!

Apply a bright wash of colour to your lids, then lining your upper lash line with black eyeliner (liquid preferably) and thick coats of black mascara on your lashes! You can choose to keep your lips minimum and nude.

Or you can choose to incorporate the latest bold lips trend and apply a bright colour on your lips, but do remember that this look is all about the eyes, so do pick a shade of lipstick that doesn’t overpower your eyeshadow.
These looks are also incorporating the bright eye make up trend, except that they are a little more toned down and not as bold as the ones above. Great for a fun day look! :)

And that’s all for this Spring/Summer 2011 Make Up trends! Which are your favourites? And which are you dying to try?

Have a trendy make up for this Spring/ Summer, Ladies!! 

Rachel W

Credits to Refinery29, Make-up Become Gorgeous, Style Bistro & Fashion is On,wn.

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